Kitstop has developed and released a lot of materials aimed at making life easier for Teachers of STEM (and "STEAM" ! !).

We are basing our "Teachers Guides" on the Australian Curriculum from "ACARA" (Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority).
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Please note that ALL our kits come with an instruction sheet included. However Kitstop has re-written the instructions for our most popular  kits, with an Australian audience in mind. The "Student Instructions"  include many more illustrations, a Component Identification check list at the start, and have an emphasis on the step-by-step assembly process. They are intended for an audience with no previous Electronics experience, so that they can work at their own pace, and offer a very high probability of success.

The following materials are available free of Charge when you purchase a class set of kits.

Kit No      Kit Description      Student Instructions      Teacher Guide Available

Our very popular 5 Bonanza Starter Offer
FK109     2 LED Flasher                                YES            YES

FK233     Fire Siren                                       YES              YES

FK401     Night Activated Switch               YES            YES

FK602     Audio Power Amp 2 Watt             YES            YES

FK908     Soil Moisture Indicator                     YES            YES

5-on-1 Robot Offer                                YES            YES 

FK167     FireFly (Night Activated) Flasher    YES              YES

FK244-AUS   25 Tone Keyboard                      YES            INCLUDED

Many more   Please ask if you have a specific interest or need

 "Application Notes"  for Electronics Beginners  (These are also available Free of Charge with Class sets of Kits).

Towards Better Soldering      .......  (An assembly guide for hobbyists and technicians)

Understanding Resistor Codes ..... (Aimed at students and beginning enthusiasts)

Understanding Capacitor Codes ... (Aimed at students and beginning enthusiasts)

 Some suggestions on which kits suit different parts of the Curriculum: