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All small orders are shipped at Air Parcel Post rates. 

KSRC1-R-MTL Minature Single Channel UHF Receiver

The KSRC1-R-MTL Minature, Single Channel,  Receiver features two, jumper-selected operation modes: Momentary (press-to-operate) and Toggle (Push ON- Push OFF).
It is designed to work with most encoders, and keyfobs that utilise the PT2262 encoder IC such as our KSRC2-T or our KSRC1-T.
Encoding of the KSRC1-R-MTL is via a push-button "learning mode" whereby the receiver is set up to match its code to a selected transmitter.
The KSRC1-R-MT is fitted into a compact protective enclosure.
Operation Frequency: 433MHz
Range: Up to 100metres line-of-sight - depending upon the transmitter selected.
Working Voltage: 12VDC
Standby Current: 6mA
Sensitivity: -102dBm
Contact: One Form C (Change-Over)
Maximum Contact Rating: 4 Amp 240VAC 3 Amp 30VDC (Resistive Load)
Case Size 40mm x 40mm x 25mm.
Single function control of lighting, heating, access, security, pumps and solenoids.

NOTE: Postage Quoted at Pack and Track to New Zealand. No extra postage up to a package weight of 500grams (19pcs)  Untracked Postage at buyer risk is $11.55

(+ postage: $17.55)

KSRC1-T 433MHz Single Button Transmitter

This offer consists of: 

50pcs of KSRC1-T  unencoded, single-button transmitter in faux woodgrain case and featuring extendable antenna  priced at $AU6.03 (exempt G.S.T.) each.  Total $301.50

Pack 'n Track Postage to New Zealand  $35.55 AUD

(+ postage: $35.55)

KSDC-DCD-200 for delivery to New Zealand

This quote is for the sale of KSDC-DCD-200 to NEw Zealand.

Price has Australian GST removed, and special price for International Packaging & Postage.

This quote remains valid until 8/April/2015

(+ postage: $12.50)

KSSM-60S for delivery to New Zealand 

KSSM-60S    Digital Recorder (60 Second) for sale to New Zealand.

Price has the Australian GST removed.

(+ postage: $12.50)

FK418 for delivery to New Zealand 

FK418  2500Watt AC Dimmer and Motor Controller  for sale to New Zealand.

Price has the Australian GST removed.

(+ postage: $12.50)

This quote not in use at this time 

This quote not in use at this time

(+ postage: $0.00)

This item not in use at this time 

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