Self-paced introduction to learning electronics in a safe environment.

A graduated learning environment which can take beginners from the first steps in electronics, to designing complete electronic systems which work.

No Soldering necessary, though the kits can interface to soldered assemblies if required.

Objectives of the CirCard©   concept:

  1.  Introduce Electrical Circuits without the need for soldering.
  2.  Cost Effective
  3. Allow flexibility for different Teacher requirements
  4.  Re-usable
  5.  Easy to expand if required
  6. Introduce Students to real-world components
  7. Allow for up to multiple Assessment tasks.
  8. Easy to replace and repair
  9. Integrate into class room teaching activities if required

Detailed support notes and video tutorials support both teachers and Students.

For full details of materials and support resources please visit our CirCard©  on-line shop here.