About Us

KitStop is a unit of Perrin, Wright and Associates (ABN 86 481 210 935) dedicated to providing the electronics enthusiast with a huge selection of well-priced, easy-to-use kitsets and modules for home, school and industry.

John Perrin ______________ Stuart Wright

Who is Perrin Wright and Associates?
In 2004 John Perrin, former Marketing Director of Motorola Semiconductor Division (Australia&New Zealand) and Stuart Wright, formally Marketing Manager of RVB Products Pty Ltd, pooled their experience to solve problems and apply technology solutions to the rural and industrial fields.
Then, our focus was on assisting farmers and tradesmen create efficiencies in their businesses using systematic process evaluation and appropriate automation. In doing so, they identified many applications that could be satisfied by low cost, off-the-shelf systems, available through traditional hobby electronics retailers. As traditional hobby shops rationalized their lines in favour of commercially built entertainment products, Perrin Wright looked farther afield for sources of simple electronic solutions. We identified that there was a growing need in industry and hobby activity for a supplier dedicated to furnishing easy-to-use and apply kits and modules. It has now emerged that that the needs of Secondary and Tertiary schools are highest on our priority list

Thus, in 2009 the KitStop concept was born
Having obtained sources of safe and economical kits and modules we also reasoned that, by removing some of the mystique surrounding electronics, many more people would be attracted to electronics as an activity.
Students of all ages, gender and academic interest get a real boost when they start expressing themselves in light, sound and mechatronics. We are not limiting our vision to the science buffs or the School’s Electronics Hobby Clubs. Departments such as Art, Applied Materials, Social Science, History, Environmental Studies and Drama are all finding applications for electronics in their fields.
Hobbyists such as model boat, plane and car builders and, model railway enthusiasts can now obtain economical control solutions for remote control, lighting and motor speed regulation.
Retirees having down-sized, are looking for interesting things to do in their smaller workshops or home units.