Robots are an interesting way to enter the world of Mechatronics.  For those content to build the one model we have a wide choice.  The real benefit of the Future Kit range is the independent rugged geared motors and large tyred wheel configuration.   This platform features two standard plug in arrangements. One is for the simple one board “personality”.  The other takes advantage of the Tiered Chassis which is ideal for intelligent sensor based units.

Designers and enthusiasts will see, immediately, the benefit of this standardized approach when they collaborate in developing new features such as A.I., combat capability, radio control and scaled models of materials handling units.

6-on-1 Robot Offer:

Kitstop offers a “Base Plate” for the Robots, and then 6 different interchangeable “controllers” which make the robot behave differently.

The different controllers are simply swapped by unplugging one and swapping to plug in another Controller.

See our introductory YouTube video here:

Obstacle Avoiding Robot & SUMO Robot:

Change the sensors and the control program of the Robot and you have either :
An Obstacle Avoiding Robot (“OARBOT”)     or

A Sumo Robot.

FK1113 Super-Sumo Robot

WiFi Robot – Controlled by your phone:

FK1130 WiFi Controlled Robot

PIC Programmer for programming your Robot:

FK1120 PIC Programmer