5 Entry Level LED kits


The 5 kits in this pack are proven to be interesting and engaging for Students.  Students are able to build their knowledge and skills while achieving tangible results.


  • This pack of 5 Electronics kits is designed to help beginners gain experience and skills with basic soldering skills, recognizing components, and some introductory assembly techniques.The kits in this pack are chosen to be interesting and engaging for Students, while encouraging them to consider how these kits could be used in more advanced systems and applications.


The 5 kits are:

FK109  –  2 LED Flasher kit

FK110  –  3 LED Chasing kit

FK111  –  5 LED Flasher

FK128  –  Heads or Tails Game

FK137  –  Priority Test Game (As seen  on panel game shows – first person to push their button will lock others out).

All  kits operate from a 9V battery.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 9 cm