5 Pack Flasher and Chaser LED kits


The 5 kits in this pack are aimed at Students where an intermediate level of skill and care are required in order to assemble and work correctly.
These kits have been popular with Students who wish for their school projects to have a little more “pizzazz”.

Students have historically been very inventive with finding new ways to utilize these kits, once completed.

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  • This pack of 5  Electronics Kits introduces and focuses on “Chaser” applications.
    “Chaser” systems are where a single LED seems to “Chase” around a circuit by switching ON then OFF in a prescribed pattern.The FK115 has proven one of our most flexible kits as it allows the user to easily change the number of LEDs in the “chase sequence”.  It also easily expands to allow the user to add extra FK115 kits if desired, to make more than 10 LEDs in a “chase sequence”.

FK135 introduces two-coloured LEDs , while Fk142 introduces high intensity LEDs as the “Robot Eyes”.


The 5 kits are:

FK110  –  3 LED Chasing kit

FK115  –  10 LED running String

FK135  –  LED  2 Colour Dual Flasher

FK142  –  Robot eyes Flasher

FK150  –  Atomic Chasing Light

All  kits operate from a 9V battery.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 9 cm