6 Starter Pack (Ver 2) Intermediate for Years 7 to 9


This pack of 6 Electronics kits is designed to introduce secondary school students to electronics in a fun and engaging way. This offers practice of basic soldering skills, recognizing components, some introductory assembly techniques and students finish with a series of interesting kits to take home. Our suggested order for introducing the kits is:
1)  Soldering Trainer  Kit                     2)  FK109 (2 LED Flasher).
3)  FK150 (Atomic  Chaser)                 4) FK145  (Deftness Game)
5)  FK908 (Soil Moisture Indicator)     6)  FK233 (Wailing Siren).


These 6 kits offer a graduated path of learning by gently increasing levels of knowledge, skill and complexity. A very detailed set of construction guides with step-by-step photos are also available for free.  Just write and ask us for your free copy via  email.

Consists of 6 electronics kits to be assembled:
• Start with the “Soldering Trainer Kit” to learn, practice and improve your soldering skills.

A dedicated YouTube tutorial (less than 8 minutes) for this kit is available at

• FK109 is a fun kit to build which is a 2 LED flasher with adjustable flashing rate.
For a Demonstration and some applications ideas please see our YouTube
video    https://youtu.be/6WZ5yN-ifQs

For detailed Construction guide of this kit, please see our Tutorial Video at

• FK150 is the Atomic Chaser. This extends the principles learned in the FK109 , and
demonstrates using those principles in a different and novel manner.

• FK145 is a  traditional “Dexterity” game which tests the deftness of the user.
This version of the kit includes a latch which will sound a buzzer when the wires touch,
and then remain buzzing until the Reset button is pushed.
For an extension activity this latch can be easily disabled.
This kit requires 2 X AA batteries to operate.

  •   FK908 is a novel “soil moisture” indicator which has proven very popular with young gardeners  (And the Teachers of Young Gardeners too).
    For an introductory video on this kit, please visit   https://youtu.be/Cxv8Ijx847g
  •   FK233 is a siren similar to many alarms.
    Teacher notes available for this kit lead onto thinking about different component values and
    introduce concepts of using basic mathematics to predict frequency and timing.
    (They introduce the principles of an RC oscillator and suggest some extension
    activities of testing with different values to hear what happens).Detailed  construction guides with step-by-step photos available to teachers upon request.


Most  kits operate from a 9V battery, but the FK145 requires two “AA” style batteries.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 11 cm