Bluetooth Speaker Project KSBTS-AIO (USB-C) (All-In-One Bluetooth speaker with USB-C power supply)


Interface your Smartphone or other Bluetooth Transmitter to this Stereo Bluetooth Speaker. Ideal project for beginners as this requires a minimum of Soldering.

Note Photo shows the electronics of the Project without a housing. Students will need to build their own “Case” for housing the project and the speakers.

USB Power supply NOT included . 

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Bluetooth Speaker Project Kit – Minimum of Soldering required.

Kit consists of :

1 X All-In-One Bluetooth Receiver and Audio Amplifier

2 X Speakers (5 Watt , Oval 50mm X 90mm )

1 X USB-C Receptacle (Allows user to power kit form standard USB supply)

1 X ON/OFF Switch

2 X  Hook up wires  (1 Red, 1 Black)


Detailed YouTube Video showing Construction Steps.. .

(YouTube includes “timeline” so that students can quickly jump to their desired section).

The video aimed at allowing students to work at their own pace, and achieve a high probability of success.


It is expected that Students will design and construct their own case for the project.

When built, students can use their Smartphone or other Bluetooth Transmitter to control the volume of play back.


Ideal low cost project for “Beginners”  which students can take home.




Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 14.0 × 12.5 × 9.0 cm