This circuit is an energy saving LED flasher which works as the environment goes dark.

The kit uses a light sensor which will turn ON the flashing LED when the area is getting dark. The Flashing cycle can be adjusted to give different ON-OFF periods. These can be adjusted separately, to give reduced power consumption.

The kit can drive an external light bulb up to 35W rating (not supplied with the kit).
This is a popular lamp bulb in many automotive applications.

This kit has found applications where an automatic night time lamp is required. Some examples include an automatic navigation lamp, bicycle warning lamp for the dark, clearance lights on moored boats or parked trailers, plus many more .


Technical Specifications
– Power supply : 12VDC.
– Electric current consumption : 20mA. (No Load)
– Total load :  35W. bulb.
– Blinking speed ON and OFF : adjustable 0.5 to 8 seconds.
– Light sensitivity is adjustable for triggering the module to start flashing the output.
– PCB dimensions : 57.7mm x 42.7mm  (2.27 x 1.68 inch).

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 10.5 × 2.6 cm