FK518 – Barking Dog Alarm


Detect human movement and play the sound of a barking dog or a pack of dogs .


This circuit uses a PIR detection circuit which picks up any change in heat radiation pattern within the scanned range.  This “trigger signal” is used to initiate a “barking dog”  playback.  The module includes different playback tracks which can be selected for different applications.
This circuit is suitable for security systems.

For a demonstration of the 4 different tracks, visit our YouTube Introduction at :

Technical data

– Power supply : 4.5-6VDC.

– Power consumption : 0.02mA. (standby), 325mA. (working, @ 8 Ohms 0.25W.)

– Detection range : 4-5 meters.

– Select different “barking dog” sound between single dog, or a pack of dogs.

– Volume control equipped.

– PCB dimension (sensor board) :   30.7mm X 25.7mm    (1.21 x 1.01 inch).

– PCB dimension (main board) :      40.1mm X 56.1mm    (1.58 x 2.21 inch).


Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 12.5 × 3 cm