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This circuit is a DSP (Digital Signal Processing) radio circuit that uses a new method of adjustment between Radio Stations. Tuning to different frequencies (different Radio Stations) is achieved by changing a reference voltage from a potentiometer  which is quite different from the traditional method of tuning into a different Radio Station by adjusting the capacitance of a front-end mixing circuit.

This circuit uses only one controller IC which allows the user to select either AM or FM Radio Stations. This means that the entire circuit can be easily built and assembled by beginners, with highly reliable results.

Technical data

– Power supply : 4.5-6VDC.
– Electric current consumption : 200mA. (max.)
– There is a switch to choose to AM or FM stations.
– Use adjustable resistors To adjust the station selection.
– Volume control via on-board potentiometer.
– Built-in Audio Amplifier:  Output =  0.6 watts @ 6 volts.
– PCB dimension : 72.4mm x 56.1mm    (2.85 in x 2.21 in)

Additional information

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