FK942 20-60 Second Solid State Voice Recorder with 2W Audio Amp (while stocks last)

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 FK942 20-60 Second Digital Voice or Sound Recorder  with on-board 2W Audio Amp

The FK942 records voice, or any other sound, digitally and plays back up to 60 seconds of sound or voice using the on board tact switch or external contact closure. Sounds can be erased and recorded for more than 100,000 cycles and data retention in zero power mode is longer than 100 years
Multiple sound files may be recorded and played back sequentially to a total time of 60 seconds. The highest audio recording quality is obtained from the 20second setting. Add real sound to your models and scenes. The FK942 requires assembly and comes with complete with circuit board, components, microphone, 2 1/4″ speaker and instructions. . 

 Power supply:  4.5 volts DC (3 AA batteries)

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