KSRC4-1TW1R-MTL 4 Channel UHF Remote Control Set


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The KSRC4-1TW1R-MTL Controller Set consists of a Key-fob 4 Channel UHF Transmitter with four control buttons and a four Channel UHF Receiver. A unique feature of the MTL series of controllers is that they offer three different, selectable control modes
M = Momentary – the controlled relay stays on  for the duration that the transmitter key is depressed.
T= Toggle – The controlled relay can be turned on with the first transmitter key depression and off by the second press (toggles)
L= Latched – This very useful function divides the receiver into two latchable sections.  The pushbuttons A and are used to latch and de-latch two relays.  Pressing button  A latches Relay A and de-latches relay B. Pressing button B latches Button B and de-latches Button A.  In a similar fashion pushbuttons C and D can be made to operated relays C and D

With these arrangement it is possible for operators to control up to 4 different items in various configurations.  Applications include controlling UP/Down counters in scoreboards, opening or closing of gates or windows, forward or reverse and  left right control of models. This unit may also be used in conjunction with PIR detectors, magnetic switches or pressure mats in wireless alarm systems.
4 Channel Control
Multi-Mode output  Momentary, Toggle and Latched
Smart Wall mounted ABS case.
50metre range (may be increased with longer antenna on the transmitter)
12V operation of both transmitter and receiver
Small size – light weight.
Slide Protective Cover for keyfob buttons

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