MXA015 UHF TX/RX Control Module (While stock lasts)

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UHF Transmit Receive (TX/RX) Control Module Set
Range:  20metres
This pre-built module is similar in operation to the FK436 without the hassle of construction and tuning.

A tone or data stream sent by the transmitter is decoded by the receiver and may be applied to either the MXA016 relay board or the MXA013 10channel encoder decoder.

Power Supply: Transmitter:     9VDC  , 40mA
Receiver   9-12V DC 6.5mA (@9V DC)

PCB Dimensions:  Transmitter :  46.2 mm X 33.3 mm
Receiver  :     48.3 mm X 27.9 mm

Obsolete Item. Available while Stock lasts.

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