MXA089 30A Soft Start PWM Motor Contro


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The MXA089 is a microcontroller based 30AMP PWM (Pulse With Modulation) for DC motor speed control.
It’s compact form factor makes it ideal for OEM applications.

– Built-in soft start for protecting against current inrush  when supply voltage is applied to the motor.
– Voltage protection of the MOSFET gates which also serves to protect against unstable operation due to  noisy signals.
– Improved  driver circuit to greatly increase working efficiency of the circuit up to a frequency of 12.8kHz.
– Power supply : 8-30VDC. (select by jumper and motor).
– Load voltage : 8-30VDC./ 30A. max.
– PWM duty cycle : adjustable from 0% to 100%
– Frequency adjustable in steps from 100Hz to 12.8kHz
– PCB dimensions : 97.3mm X 39.9mm  (3.83 x 1.57 in).

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Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 80 × 50 cm