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“FA” Series of modules all come pre-assembled and tested.
This gear driven Robot will “attack” other Robots which it detects within close proximity.  It will try to push any other Robots out of the dohyo (Sumo competition arena).

The FA1113 uses three sets of on-board InfraRed Transmitters and Receivers which are aligned as follows:

  •   Two outer sets look downwards and are used to detect the black line around the dohyo.
  •   One set looks forward in order to detect other Robots.

Both the power of the InfraRed Transmitters and the sensitivity of the InfraRed Receivers are adjustable.

When the forward-looking sensor detects another Robot, it drives the robot forward at maximum power.

When either of the side-looking sensors detect the black line around the dohyo, they try to “retreat” from the line so that the Robot remains inside the designated arena.

The large wheels feature rubber tyres that afford good grip on most surfaces.

This Robot presents a most engaging learning experience for young minds as they can adjust several aspects of the sensors and develop an understanding of how “inputs” can impact upon the behaviour of a “System”.

Set up your own “Sumo Competitions” and then experiment with changing the robots to improve your results.

The PIC MCU is also reprogrammable using our FA1120 USB PIC ROBOT PROGRAMMER.

(This Robot is also available as complete knock down kit.  See our Part Number  “FK1113” )



Power Supply:  6V DC (4 X AA batteries)

Current Consumption: 80mA (max.)

Light sensing threshold: adjustable for each light sensor via on-board Trimmer Potentiometers.

Robot Dimensions:  140 mm X 135 mm X 70mm (5.5 X 5.31 X 2.75 in.)

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Dimensions 18 × 12.5 × 7.5 cm

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