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These AVR1 – programmed Robots set off on their way until either of its photo sensors encounter an obstacle. The AVR2 microcontroller then directs evasive action by reversing one or both wheels until the Robot can find a way around the obstacle.

The FK1110 uses two sets of on-board InfraRed Transmitters and Receivers which each scan the front and one side of the Robot’s path.

Both the power of the InfraRed Transmitters and the sensitivity of the InfraRed Receivers are adjustable.

The large wheels feature rubber tyres that afford good grip on most surfaces.

This presents a most engaging learning experience for young minds as they can adjust several aspects of the sensors (including different reflective surfaces of the “obstacles”) and develop an understanding of how “inputs” can impact upon the behaviour of a “System”.

Imaginative minds have developed their own “Obstacle Courses” for their robots to try to navigate.


The AVR MCU is also reprogrammable. However third-party hardware is required to do this.
(Programming hardware  for AVR Microcontrollers not sold by Kitstop.)

(This Robot is also available as pre-assembled and tested version.  See our Part Number  “FA1110” )


Power Supply:  3V DC (2 X AA batteries)

Current Consumption: 60mA (max.)

Light sensing threshold: adjustable for each light sensor via on-board Trimmer Potentiometers.

Robot Dimensions:  140 mm X 135 mm X 70mm (5.5 X 5.31 X 2.75 in.)

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