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“FA” Series of modules all come pre-assembled and tested.
This Robot is controlled directly from a hand-held Controller Panel.

The Controller Panel has four buttons which directly control the wheels.  The four buttons are:

  • Forward Right Wheel
  • Reverse Right Wheel
  • Forward Left Wheel
  • Reverse Left wheel

The kits is a great introduction to building electronics assemblies, and then helps to quickly build an understanding of Control Systems.


The pluggable connecting cable is easily reversed to permit experimentation with different orientation of the Human-Machine Interface panel.

The large wheels feature rubber tyres that afford good grip on most surfaces.

(This Robot is also available as complete knock down kit.  See our Part Number  “FK1114” )


Power Supply:  3V DC (2 X AA batteries)

Current Consumption: 115mA (max.)

Robot Dimensions:  140 mm X 135 mm X 70mm (5.5 X 5.31 X 2.75 in.)

Controller Panel Dimensions:  100 mm X 53 mm  (3.94 X 2.08 in.)

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