5-on-1 Robot Kits Education Offer


Robots are an interesting way to enter the world of mechatronics.  This Education Offer uses one common Electro-mechanical platform (motors and gears, etc.) and interchangeable “personality” controllers.

This becomes a very cost effective introduction to 5 different Robots and their Control Systems.


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These robots are designed to entertain and for learning.  Students will gain practical knowledge of sensors, control processes, inputs, outputs in an interesting and visually reinforced manner.  All of the series use a rugged twin gear-motor driving into large diameter tyred wheels as the traction platform.

Extensive Construction Notes available. Student Construction Notes include step-by-step photos, Component Identification Exercise, and Trouble Shooting Guide.

The student notes are aimed at allowing students to work at their own pace, and achieve a high probability of success.

Also available is a Teacher Resource Guide which includes Tips on avoiding common problems.

As students gain experience with the basics of robomotion, the partitioned electronics may be opened up to experiments with different sensors such as heat, vibration,  magnetics or pressure or any of a myriad of sensors used daily in our lives.

This complete Education Offer consists of:

1 X FK1106 LICON Robot Kit    (Individual Price is $55.00)

1 X FK1102C DACON Controller Kit (Individual Price is $12.50)

1 X FK1103C FACON Controller Kit (Individual Price is $12.50)

1 X FK1104C SECON Controller Kit (Individual Price is $12.50)

1 X FK1105C TACON Controller Kit (Individual Price is $14.00)


(All Robots are available separately if desired.)


Discounts available for class sets. Contact us for your custom quotation, delivery availability and any extra support you may need.


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