FK182 AVR 12 LED 16 Program Chaser



The FK182 demonstrates how,  by utilizing an AVR  microcontroller many more functions can be incorporated into a device without increasing the circuit complexity.  In this case, the FK182 offers 16 different LED chasing and flashing sequences which can be selected individually or cycle through the whole 16 and repeat.  The FK182 will find application in festive decorations, party and dance lighting and advertising.
– Program 1 Each LED turned on and OFF in sequence.
– Program 2 Lighting Two LEDs at a time.
– Program 3 Sequences Three LEDs at a time.
– Program 4 Adds one LED at a time LED remaining lit.
– Program 5 As in 5, but adding, two LEDs each time.
– Program 6 Runs from two outside LED to center adding LEDs until joining at the centre when all LEDs are lit, then,  running out from the center, turning  LEDs off until at the extremes all LEDs are OFF.
– Program 7 Runs to the left and right, adding two LEDs at a time.
– Program 8 Runs single LEDs sequentially to the center and out from the center.
– Program 9 Runs LEDs continually from the center.
– Program 10 Runs to the center, from both sides.
– Program 11 All LEDs are lit being turned off and on at a time.
– Program 12 Each LED blinked, in sequence.
– Program 13 Three LEDs blinked, at a time in sequence
– Program 14 Six LEDs blinked alternately
– Program 15 Three then six LEDs alternately .
– Program 16 All LEDs are lit then turned off one each time.

Output:  12 LEDs.
Programs: Up to 16 programs.
Flash Rate: User selectable.
PCB dimensions: 3.25″ x 1.95″x 0.6″ (82.55mm x 49.53 x 15mm)

Power supply: 9-12VDC./max. 60mA.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 11.5 × 2.5 cm