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This kit consists of two separate modules which work as a mini communication tool. They are ideal for low cost installation applications, such as home or small office.


The main module has the control switch (SW2) on it which can select between either:

  • The Main Module will be the “input” for the system, OR
  • The Remote Module will be set to act as the “input” for the system.

When the Main Module is acting as the “input”, it’s microphone will be amplified and played out over the speaker in the Remote Module.

When the Remote Module is acting as the “input”, it will either:

  • Act as a microphone to be played out by the Main Module, OR
  • The switch on board the remote will act as a “doorbell” switch and send a tone to the Main Module’s speaker.


Technical Specification

  • Power Supply : 6-12 VDC
    Current   40mA max.  (Talking)
    182mA    (push for door bell tone)
  • length of shielded cable : 50m.
  • PCB dimensions : 69.3mm x 51.6mm (2.73 x 2.03 inches)  – Main board
    2mm x 19.3mm  (1.15 x 0.76 inches) –  Remote board

Additional information

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