EP001A KitStop Starter Pack


Kitstop Starter Pack
Kitstop Starter Pack

Kitstop Starter Pack
This is a new version of our popular  Starter Pack.

This is designed to help the beginner get a good start into learning the basics of Electronics.

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The kit consists of:

– 1 X Soldering Iron (25W)
– 1 X Soldering Iron Stand
– 1 X Quality side-cutter
– 10 gm Solder
– 1 X Soldering Trainer Kit (A kit for learning and practicing soldering skills).
– 1 X FK109 (2 LED Flasher project to build)
– 1 x FK128 (Heads or Tails Game to build)
– 1 Set locally written Application Note “Towards Better Soldering”
(As used by many Australian schools for introductory guidance to soldering)
– 1 Set Guidance sheet on reading Resistor and Capacitor values.
(NOTE: A copy of the file “Understanding Resistor Codes” will be emailed to you once payment has been completed. This document is intended for students and beginner enthusiasts.)

Note: The Kits included here are two of our most popular starting projects used by schools. 

For a detailed guide on the assembly of the FK109 kit, please see our video at https://youtu.be/RKEuVCDTIx8

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Dimensions 35.0 × 20.0 × 12.5 cm