KSBB-BT04 Bluetooth Receiver Add-on (when power supply is a single Battery only)


Build your own Bluetooth Speaker Project.
Use this module when you are operating your entire Bluetooth Speaker System from a battery.
Interface your Smartphone via Bluetooth to any of our other Audio Amplifier Kits . Ideal project for Tech or Systems Classes.
Note Photo shows the electronics of the Project without a housing. Students will need to design and build their own  housing for the project.


This Bluetooth Receiver Module is designed as an “Add-on” kit for all of our “Boom Box”  amplifier Kits.

Kit consists of :

1 X Bluetooth Receiver Dongle (with USB interface)

1 X Voltage Regulator PCB

1 X 7805  (5 Volt Regulator to suit the Bluetooth Dongle)

1 X 3.5mm Stereo Phono cable (“AUX” Cable)

Red and Black “Hook up” wires for connecting to your Boom Box Supply


Finished module can be easily interfaced to any of our “Boom Box” kits to make a complete “Bluetooth Speaker” Project.


Extensive Construction Notes available. Student Construction Notes include step-by-step photos, Component Identification Exercise, and Trouble Shooting Guide.

The student notes are aimed at allowing students to work at their own pace, and achieve a high probability of success.

Also includes Teacher Resource Guide for:   Wiring a completed “Bluetooth Speaker” system together


When built, students can use their Smart-phones to control the volume of play back.


Ideal project for “Tech”  or “Systems” classes which students can take home.


Discounts available for class sets. Contact us for your custom quotation, delivery availability and any extra support you may need.


Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 14.0 × 12.5 × 9.0 cm