KSR501 PIR Passive Infra Red Module


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The KSR501 PIR (Passive Infra Red) Module will find its way into security monitoring, point of purchase annunciators, patient activity monitoring, anti-collision detectors in corridors, alarm and evacuation advice units.
KSR501 PIR features a simplified input with only three wires. power supply and TTL compatible output.
Both repetition delay and sensitivity adjustments are fitted to the KSR501 PIR compact control board.  One shot or repeat mode may be jumper selected.
Operating Voltage: 4.5V-20V
Current Drain >50uA Quiescent
TTL Output: 3.3V. 0V (also OK for MOSFET interface)
Lock Time 0.2secs
Delay Time: 0.3sec – 10Minutes (adjustable)
Trigger Options: L=Disable Repeat Triggering H=Enable Triggering Option
Sensing: Less than 120degrees at 7metres
Ambient Temperature -15C to +70C
Size:32mmx 24mm


For a short video showing an application in an “Intruder Alarm” please see our YouTube video at : https://youtu.be/o1vKZp9mi9Q

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