KSRC12-12T1R-MTL 12Channel UHF Remote Control


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The KSRC12-12T1R-MTL 12 Channel Control Set consists of 12 single key-fob UHF Transmitters and a 12 Channel UHF Receiver fitted with 12 individually addressed power relays.

The relays in this powerful control system may be set to operate in three fundamental modes:-
Momentary in which each relay is operated for the period its respective transmitter button is pressed.
Toggle – this is also referred to as Push-ON Push-Off.  Each relay is turned on by a single pulse from the respective transmitter.
Latching.  This is where two separate signals from two transmitters Set and Reset pairs or groups of relays.
There are 11 different combinations of operation for the 12 relays.
The KSRC12 receiver is supplied housed in a smart ABS Enclosure suitable for wall mounting.

:    (For we clarity separate the receiver and transmitter specifications)

Model No.:  KSRC12-R
Channels: 12
Control Mode: Toggle, Momentary, Latched, Toggle + Momentary, Toggle + Latched, Momentary + Latched (full details upon request)

Model No.: KSRC1-T Single button Keyfob
Channel: 1 CH (12 Units supplied)
Case Colour: Wood Grain
Transmission Range: 40metres
Encoding: Each key-fob addresses one relay in the receiver. The keyfob is encoded in two parts by solder links – Part 1 encodes relay address 1-12 and Part 2 encodes the group select (each receiver is considered to be one group with its unique address)
Unit Size: 58mm x 39mm x 16mm
Power Supply: 1 x 23A-12V battery (included, estimated 12 months life)
PCBs may be removed from key-fob for installation in user developed equipment.

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