KSRCLED 18 Remote Controlled LED Panel Kit


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The KSRC LED 18 Brilliant Remotely Controlled LED Light  

A simple but effective kit of LED plus remote controller. Use it to light up your backyard, your tent, campsite, caravan or models.  The 433MHz UHF hand-piece reaches about 30 metres to the LED controller, which is rated at 12 Amps, peak, at 12VDC.
The Kit comprises a KSRCL-1T1R transmtter and receiver set controlling a KSLP18 LED panel featuring 18 super bright white SMD LEDs on an aluminium substrate that may be bolted directly onto metal surfaces for extra cooling.  Rated at only 2.6 Watts this LED dazzler is so efficient that 40 of them can be controlled by one remote handpiece.

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Dimensions 15.0 × 15.0 × 1.5 cm