KSSPEK-N Solar Panel Experiment Kit (Non-Soldering)


A  very versatile Module which displays both Voltage and Current output from a  Solar Panel.

Great for STEM  learning experiments and  activities.

Applications include Stand-alone test module PLUS incorporation into larger Solar Powered Systems.

YouTube Video link:  https://youtu.be/yLD_kyu3q20

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This kit is designed to allow the User to easily assemble a module which can then be used for Experimental Activities such as exploring the effects of changing the  Angle of Mounting your Solar Panel.

This little module measures the Voltage out of the Solar Panel, while also measuring the current (in milliamps) from the panel.

This lends itself to introductory experiments in understanding Solar Radiation patterns and optimum Mounting positions for Solar Panels.

This module has also found it’s way into other school projects such as a model for a Solar Powered House System.

We also supply these kits with your choice of :

  • Some Soldering required during assembly (lower price) … OR
  • Kits which do NOT require any soldering


Technical Specification
A) Solar Panel:
Voltage Output:           5.5  VDC
Current :                     80 mA (max.)

B) Battery for LED Display: 9V DC

  • Housing Dimensions :          100  x  200 X 80  mm
  • Voltmeter:                             2:00 to 10.0 Volts
  • Ammeter                              002  to 999 mA
  • The kit comes with a 9V Battery Snap, as the LED display of the meter requires a dedicated battery (The LED display will often draw more power than the Solar Cell can provide).



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