MXA112 IR Coin Sensor Circuit (Accessory for MXA110, MXA111 or other)


Infrared detection module for applications which need smart detection of small items (such as coins, nuts, bolts, etc.)  Includes two outputs which can be used for calculating direction and speed.


This Sensor Circuit features two IR Detectors and two IR transmitters which can be used to detect a coin or other moving parts.
The Infrared signal is modulated to reduce the affects of incidental light and hence reduce false triggering.
This module is ideal to interface to a voice recorder or other equipment which are needing the smart detection to trigger them.

 Technical data

Supply :
5 – 12 V DC
24mA (standby) , 29mA (operational @ 12V DC)

  • Detection Range : 2cm max
  • PCB Dimensions:
    •                    RX Sensor Board 50.8 mm X 35.8 mm (2.0 X 1.41 in.)
    •                    TX Board              50.8 mm X 11.2 mm (2.0 X 0.44 in.)
  • Trigger Pulse :
    •                   Positive Pulse
    •                   2 Outputs for detecting direction and speed if required.


Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 11.5 × 3 cm