This circuit is designed to be connected to a PIR sensor.
The PIR Sensor is triggered when it detects a movement within it’s target range.
The signal from the sensor is used to start the playback message,
You can record a playback message  or music or sound  up to 680 seconds long.


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This circuit is designed to be connected to a PIR motion sensor. Its uses signals from the PIR sensor to trigger the circuit, which will then play back the recorded message.
Common applications include:

-Welcoming message to customers or visitors

– Security message to warn intruders or after-hours visitors

– Safety notification for hazardous areas or situations

– Connect to Coin Collector to create a message or sound for a donation box

– Many more !

Technical Specifications

– Power supply : 5VDC,

– Maximum current consumption = 250mA.

– Sensor connection point can handle positive signals from 3-12 volts.

– Detection Range : Up to 2.5 meters.

– Option to record audio from a microphone or an external source.

– Maximum audio recording time is 680 seconds.

– The circuit includes a 5-watt audio amplifier.

– Circuit board dimensions:  79.76 mm X 37.85mm   (3.14 inches x 1.49 inches).

Connection Points:

– 5V point: Connects to the power supply 5VDC.

– SP point: Connects to an 8-ohm speaker with a power range of 0.25-5W.

– VR100K: Volume control for the speaker output.

– Switch SW2: Used for selecting operation modes.


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