5 Pack offer for Introduction to Water & Soil-Moisture


This is an Introductory Pack focused on  Water and Soil Moisture measurement.

It is five affordable, easy-to-build projects with detailed Construction Guides.
Very popular with schools as the kits all focus on building skills and understanding of Water and Soil Moisture measurement and indication.


Looking to make a start at investigating and understanding Water and Soil Moisture ?

We’ve packaged five affordable, easy-to-build projects to get you under way.
Your pack consists of:
a. Soldering Trainer  – This kit is designed to allow beginners to practice their Soldering skills, before starting on the more valuable Kits.
For a short YouTube introduction to this kit, please look at https://youtu.be/8pJK4TxPU00  .

b. FK908 Soil Moisture Indicator – Uses the resistivity of soil to measure its moisture content. Relative moisture indicated by Red, Amber and Green LEDS.  Excellent class room project.
( For Introductory video https://youtu.be/Cxv8Ijx847g   )

c. FK904  Rain Detecting Alarm – This circuit will detect when water (rain) is present on the “Sensor” board, and then sound an alarm when water is detected.  It will also turn on a red LED at the same time.  It is relatively simple to construct and has found many applications when detection of water is desired.

d. FK910  Water Sensor with Alarm and Speaker   Put this economical unit where there is the risk of seepage or spillage.  Detect if the refrigerator thaws out or if the washing machine overflows.  Helps prevent accidents.  Lots of applications in pump and retail safety situations.


e. FK902  Water Level Indicator.  This is a 3 Stage Water Level Indicator.  This provides a practical way to monitor the level in water tanks.  Can easily be “Daisy Chained” with another kit to give indicators at 6 water levels (Or more levels if more kits are used)

Additional information

Weight 0.40 kg
Dimensions 14.0 × 10.5 × 11.5 cm