Sensors are important part of automation, security, robotics and safety systems.  KitStop will add a full range of sensors for every parameter covering water, gas, sound, light and every stop in between.

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The KSR501 PIR (Passive Infra Red) Module will find its way into security monitoring, point of purchase annunciators, patient activity monitoring, anti-collision detectors in corridors, alarm and evacuation advice units.
KSR501 PIR features a simplified input with only three wires. power supply and TTL compatible output.
Both repetition delay and sensitivity adjustments are fitted to the KSR501 PIR compact control board.  One shot or repeat mode may be jumper selected.
Operating Voltage: 4.5V-20V
Current Drain >50uA Quiescent
TTL Output: 3.3V. 0V (also OK for MOSFET interface)
Lock Time 0.2secs
Delay Time: 0.3sec - 10Minutes (adjustable)
Trigger Options: L=Disable Repeat Triggering H=Enable Triggering Option
Sensing: Less than 120degrees at 7metres
Ambient Temperature -15C to +70C
Size:32mmx 24mm

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The KSR504 REFLECTIVE ULTRASONIC DETECTOR Module can, non-contact, detect objects (or people) in the range 2cm to 400cm. It can also be used as a distance measuring device with an accuracy down to 3mm over its practical range. The module consists of an ultrasonic (40KHz) transmitter and a matching receiver with the necessary control circuitry.  The unit works, upon a command of 10uSec or more,  by sending a series of 8 pulses and "listening' for any reflected pulse.  A detected signal may be treated as a simple "object in range" signal or can be compared with the timing of the transmitted signal to determine the distance to the detected object through the formula: Test Distance= High Level time x velocity of sound (340metres/second)/2.

The following connections are available to the user:  1. +5V Supply 2. Trigger Pulse Input 3. Echo Pulse Output and 4. Ground.

Power Supply: 5V
Quiestcent Current: <2mA
Effective Angle: <15degrees
Ranging Distance: 2cm - 500cm
Resolution: 0.3cm
Module Size 45mm x 20mm x 15mm

Applications for the KSR504 include Robotic Sensors, Automation Barriers, Collision Avoidance, Gallery and Display Message Triggering, Distance Measuring, Security Detector (both interposing object or object missing detection)  Arduino users are finding a myriad of things to do with this economical subsystem.

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The KSR501 PIR and KSR504 Ultrasonic Combo Offer gives you a set of two great sensors at a very affordable price.
For individual features check out the details listed above.
An additional feature, not mentioned above, is that both sensors are compatible with our Sound Recoding/Playback Module KSR-30S.

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