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This gear driven Robot will start moving forward in the dark, and then slow when either of its two light sensors detect light.  The Robot will or completely stop if the sensors detect sufficient light.
It will try to turn away from any light source it detects and make it’s own way towards the darkest region it can find.

The light sensitivity of the Robot is adjustable.
The large wheels feature rubber tyres that afford good grip on most surfaces.
This presents a more challenging  learning experience for young minds as they can adjust the light sensors and develop an understanding of how “inputs” can impact upon the behaviour of a “System”.

Imaginative minds have used torch beams to create “dancing” routines for their decorated robots.

(This Robot is also available as pre-assembled and tested version.  See our Part Number  “FA1107” )


Power Supply:  3V DC (2 X AA batteries)

Current Consumption: 150mA (max.)

Light sensing threshold: adjustable for each light sensor via on-board Trimmer Potentiometers.

Robot Dimensions:  130 mm X 125 mm X 70mm (5.0 X 4.75 X 2.75 in.)

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