KSDC-DCU-100 Boost (up) 72W DC-DC Converter


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The KSDC-DCU-100 Boost (Up) 72W DC-DC Converter offers a wide input range and an adjustable output voltage. This adaptable and cost effective unit will be an excellent standby in your top drawer for that battery or plug-pack powered project that needs an efficient, cool 12V to 32V supply. Just set the voltage pot. and forget it.

Solar Energy Conversion
Laptop Power Supply
Battery Back-Up Regulation
LED Lighting Supply
Camping and Caravanning


Input Voltage:                   10-32V
Output voltage :               12-35V   (adjustable)
Maximum Output current:          6 Amp
Maximum Input Current               10Amp
Max. Output power:       100W (natural cooling), 150W (Fan Cooled )
Output ripple:                   less than 50mV, 20M bandwidth
Conversion efficiency:   94% (Measured at Input 16V,output 19V @ 2.5Amp)
Operating temperature: Industrial grade -40°c to +85°c
(if the ambient temperature exceeds 40 degrees,  add fan cooling)
Full load temperature rise: 45°c
No-load current:              typical 25mA
Load Regulation:              ± 0.5%
Voltage Regulation:        ± 0.5%
Dynamic Response:        5% 200uS
Module size:                      65mm x 58mm x 20mm

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 3 cm