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The KSSM 300 5minute USB Module  is an easy-to-use single board MP3 sound recording module that will find applications in galleries, Science Fairs Point of Sale, audio guides, models and public announcements. The USB Sound card can record and playback music, audio messages,  nature sounds,  warning signals – in fact if you can hear it the USB  can play it.

There is an amazing range of MP3 Audio files available on the net – however, if you want to record your own material KitStop has a growing range of high quality audio recorder solutions to create CD Quality MP3 and .wav  files.

The KSSM 300 USB Sound Card Features:
Capacity: 8MB of MP3 content downloaded from your computer using a USB to Mini USB adapter  – more than 5minutes of audio content.
Ease of Use: No special software required
Control Interface: Audio playback is initiated and stopped by a Momentary Contact closure of the supplied switch or a parallel external switch.
Audio Output: A robust sound is available from a 40mm 8 Ohm speaker – for added realism,  an external 8 Ohm (or higher) speaker may substituted.
Power:  4.5V Switched 3 x AAA Battery Holder (batteries not included)


How to Program the module (User Video Guide):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWj7OoXOMO0

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