MXA123 Laser Sensor and Relay


System transmits a laser which can then be detected by the receiver.  The Receiver can be programmed to trigger on an interruption to the laser, or pulse when interrupted or trigger when the laser turns on. This module has found it’s way into hundreds of applications.


This laser sensor circuit will find applications in hundreds of different places. It can be set up to detect an interruption to the Laser beam, or send a pulse when an interruption occurs or trigger when the laser is turned on.  Applications include security work, event counting, traffic monitoring, out-of-bounds , safety plus many more.

Technical data

– Power supply:

Voltage 12V DC

Current  TX = max. 30mA.
RX= max. 50mA.

– Range for detection: 10 cms  to 8 meters.

– PCB dimensions:

TX : 38.1 mm X 25.1 mm   (1.50 in. x 0.99 in.)

RX : 108.7mm X 37.1mm   (4.28 in. x 1.46 in.)



Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 18 × 11.5 × 3 cm