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KSCC-01 .AURETR048 Assessment Pack

Cir-Card Pack developed for AURETR048 Assessment.

Pack consists of:

-  Cir-Card Work surface

- PCB Assemblies (Relay, 10k potentiometer, 100k potentiometer, Slide Switch, Push Button MOM switch)

- Components (Transistors, Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, LEDs, Thermistor, LDR)

- Connectors and terminal  blocks

- Connecting wires

- Reusable Adhesive

(+ postage: $8.50)

KSCC-03 AURETR048 Full UDP Pack 

Cir-Card Pack developed with VACC for the complete Unit Delivery Plan for AURETR048.

Pack consists of:

The AURETR048 Assessment Pack   PLUS

The AURETR048 Learning Pack

(+ postage: $7.50)

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